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Our problem was: How could we solve the bottleneck issue of attracting talent ?

  • Outsourcing is broken

    Hiring external consultants is often a mess. We set out to solve this by attracting consultancy talent like if it was for our own company. We have been where you are – so we learned to understand the pains and pitfalls.

  • Talent is next to impossible to attract

    In a scaling company, consultancy talent is really hard to come by in any country. In Serbia we have an extremely good network to attract talented consultants that has worked for top companies in the US, Australia and the EU.

  • Retention is is hard - the best people are leaving all the time

    Retention comes down to culture far more than just the size of the paycheck, teambuilding and free sodas. Respect and a feeling of belonging is a key element to secure the best people on your team.


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