Our visionWe recruit top 3 percent of the talent pool

Finding talented consultants is hard. With Humaniteams we make it easy and flexible for your company. Through a thorough vetting process we find the most talented consultants within IT, finance, support and management to your company. 

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With Humaniteams we can deliver the best consultants to our clients at the right time and within budget. With Humaniteams vetting process and services we are always able to deliver the right candidate, adjusted to the clients company culture. Niels Thimmer, CEO - Teamcubate

Our processHow we create results

In a global market where top talent is scarce, Humaniteams is leading the way when it comes to finding, attracting and keeping the consultancy talent you need for your business.

We work with clients in many sectors, but focus around IT and finance. In our portfolio of consultants we have IT engineers, business developers, support agents, sales agents, financial experts to name a few.  

Our road to results is to listen and analyse your need as a company thoroughly to match these needs when we find the right consultants. 

We do all this from our offices in Belgrade in Serbia, our home city. 


The DetailsThe steps to finding the right consultants

  • Step 1: Understanding needs

    Understanding the needs of you as a client is a very important step towards matching you with the right consultants that can stay and deliver results in your company for years.

  • Step 2: Team Assembly

    This is the step where we spend a lot of hours in finding and assembling the team of the right competences and experience. You have full transparency in every step and you are in full control of budgets and consultants that will be tied to your company.

  • Step 3: Delivery

    In the delivery part, Humaniteams is your on site partner to make sure that all projects are running smoothly according to your expectations.